Silverline is a huge exploration for us; in addition to its innovative and high-performance products, we work with a dynamic team that leaves quite an impression on us; and along with all these factors, the mutual trust between two companies steers our future. We will bring in many new leads with the brand Silverline and will take Silverline to the top of the built-in industry.
Sylvie L. Purchasing Manager France
Silverline Germany journey has started in 2005. In less than 10 years, Silverline became more and more succesfull with its design, quality and service in Germany. We reached % 14 market share. Thanks to the great team work of Silverline Germany and Silverline Turkey, we believe that our success will increase in the following years.
Murat A. CEO Germany
In our Journey started in 2006, we have achieved too many successes with Silverline in Denmark and Scandinavian Market. Our company has the highest grow rate in Denmark and we have won three Borsen Gazelle Awards in 2013, 2014 and 2015. We are so happy and so proud to have the power and strength of Silverline with us. Thank to this, we will get more and more successes.
Hakan Y. CEO Denmark
We started our journey with Silverline at 2009. Silverline is more than a partnership, it is a family. Currently we have hold exclusive distributorships of 20 different brands. We can give up all those brand in the twinkle of an eye, except for Silverline because you cannot give up your family.
Belal A. CEO Jordan
Silverline is always way ahead of its competitors with its designs and technology, and this helps us not to make too much effort for selling Silverline products but to focus all our energy on customer satisfaction instead. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and Silverline ensures us that. Thank you for all your support.
Ilham A. CEO Georgia
We are very pleased to be in cooperation with Silverline for many long years. We used to sell products under our own brand earlier, however the brand investments that Silverline has made in the recent years and the support they have provided for their distributors made it very appealing for us to be the distributor of Silverline in Lebanon. We strongly believe that we will be among the market leaders very soon.
Serge N. CEO Lebanon